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Racing management game on the blockchain


Build a car, select a driver and race other players on the track with the best conditions for your build

Equitable Gameplay

Regardless of an individual's capital, all players will be able to participate in the zCircuit Racing League


zCircuit races and game mechanics all execute on the fast, carbon-negative chain, Algorand. This ensures zCircuit will be eternally playable

What kind of player are you?



Analyze the racers to determine who you think will win. Place a winning prediction for a share of the prize pool.



Collect cars to participate in the races yourself and against other players. Level up your drivers, your cars, and use customizations to defeat the competition.


Track Owner

Run a virtual racing venue yourself or with the other community owners. Manage a track to generate revenue, customize the race rules, and provide unique experiences to players.

Explore Tracks

Spectators and racers will have a large variety of tracks to choose from. Every track can have different game rules, accept different assets for wagers, and overall make an experience that's unique to its venue.



check_circleOn-chain Races Complete

We had an awesome verifiably fair game, but we thought it could be better! All game logic is now executed on-chain guaranteeing the longevity and scalability of zCircuit races on Algorand.


check_circleLossless Spectating Complete

Spectators will no longer stake funds to form the prize pool, instead a player's stake will always be returned. Players who make correct spectator predictions will be rewarded with a zCircuit game asset. This is the beginning of the zCircuit Economy.


NFT Car Ownership

I hope you hung on to your spectator rewards, you'll need them to fill out your player garage by unlocking your own cars. Cars will be created on-chain with varying levels of rarity and with their own set of stats.


PvP Racing

Scout your garage for your best car and enter Grand Prix races yourself! Compete with other zCircuit players for rewards.


Looking further down the road we have many more ideas that just aren't ready for the roadmap yet. Of course don't forget about an all important Mainnet launch!

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