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zCircuit PitStop - 3


Welcome to the zCircuit PitStop

Welcome to the zCircuit PitStop! We're gonna be keeping is short this week but we still have big news.

Landing Page

Today we're launching our first iteration of the zCircuit Landing Page. For every project it's important to have a page conveying the vision and goals for the project and we finally have that! Included on the page is the all important Roadmap which we are sharing publicly for the first time. Note that our roadmap doesn't include dates, not because we aren't confident, but because we believe plans should be flexible. Who knows, maybe our team grows? 🤔

April 2022 Update

Now let's look at a few updates to the testnet version of zCircuit.

Well it's been short and sweet, get out there and try some races. We love feedback and we're pretty much always listening on Discord.