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zCircuit PitStop - 1


Welcome to the inaugural zCircuit PitStop, our bi-weekly newsletter!

First off, a little refresher about zCircuit:

zCircuit is a decentralized, player managed, racing league. Players will spectate, race their own cars and some players will own their own venues. You can begin playing today at on the Algorand testnet.

Release Cadence

Let’s set some release expectations for our zCircuit players and followers with a few goals in mind.

  1. We want everyone to know when to expect big changes so they can look forward to it and be excited
  2. We do not want to slow development by targeting imaginary deadlines
  3. We do not want to fatigue our users with constant changes

With those goals in mind, we’re targeting major zCircuit releases will be available monthly on the first Friday of the month. I did intentionally say major because we would still like the flexibility to release minor changes independent of the monthly cadence, ensuring we can quickly respond to feedback or address problems.

Also, we hope you will continue to look forward to our bi-weekly PitStop newsletters detailing the updates, our future plans, and maybe our thoughts on the Algorand ecosystem. Without further ado, lets look at the March zCircuit update.

zCircuit March 2022

Check out the improved Racer cards with more granularity about racer stats on the zCircuit Grand Prix. We’re looking to provide racer stats in a way that is more easily understood and provides a more gradual learning curve. Check out this video we put together that breaks it down.

Racer Breakdown

Next up, are some workflow improvements for first-time and existing players. First-time players will now be directed to the testnet faucet when their wallet balance reaches zero. Additionally, we’ve redesigned the prediction dialog to only show workflow steps when needed to give necessary indication to what players should be doing next to place a prediction. You’ll notice the prediction dialog also includes a little more information than before including the player’s current balance and stats about the racer’s pool.

Prediction Dialog

Finally, we have the return of race visualizations! Players can watch the racers go head-to-head and experience the thrill and tension of cheering on their predicted racer. When a race’s staking phase has concluded and it’s time to view the winner, press play to watch the race play out deterministically. Expect this to be an evolving feature with more improvements and excitement across zCircuit releases.

Race Visualization

Well, that’s the big stuff for this release, but of course keep an eye out for other subtle improvements. Try out zCircuit for yourself at If you want to stay in touch keep an eye out for our next PitStop, join our twitter and our discord server. Thanks for reading, go play and give use feedback!